I just saw a video that, I think, was supposed to make me call my mom or dad or both and reconcile. The whole, you only get one __parent__ spiel. I'm not with it. The problem with what we've been taught about parents and, really, family in general is that we've been conditioned to see... Continue Reading →



I don't believe that timing is everything. I believe that timelines are everything. Everyone has a fluid life timeline into which life experiences are recorded, and each experience comes with a processing time. I think that the thing to understand is that experiences are spontaneous but processing time is concrete. So what I'm saying to... Continue Reading →


I bleached my colors for him. In the mirror, I stared my life's mural in the eye and began painting over it - a stark white. I made myself a blank canvas, and still he complained, because in some places my colors peeked through. I tried to tame my vibrant reds, to reduce the bottomless... Continue Reading →


I told my friend that I want to get better with conversation. That I specialize in profound statements, not profound interactions. That I go out of my way to avoid things that create the desire or need for a stimulating back and forth, because there are too many unknown variables in conversation. He said: he... Continue Reading →


When I need to think, I go sit on the nearest toilet. I wont even use it. I just sit there for long periods. Until now, I've been able to contain this in my home. Right now...I've been in this bathroom stall for 9 minutes and counting. This is the start of something terrible lol.

“Get You Some”

It was always easy for me to fall asleep with white noise in the background. A constant sound. No unexpected changes in volume or tone. My only complaint was when regularly scheduled programming resumed, abruptly interrupting my constant. In life, love - or the perception of it - became my white noise. I sought love... Continue Reading →

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