I remember my ex fiance telling me that I wasn’t giving him time to miss me and warning me that my attempts to be close to him would “run him off”.

I remember being called clingy for hugging him. I remember being convinced that my requirement that he come home after arguments was ridiculous.

I, like a lot of women, believed that I was “too”.

Too emotional. Too affectionate. Too talkative. Too damaged. Too worrisome. Too concerned – just to name a few. And I, like a lot of women, put all my eggs in one basket. I committed to this man’s potential in hopes that I could mold his view of me by reducing my excessiveness.

I died a little bit everyday with the end goal of being reborn as a woman who wasn’t “too”, and instead the one who was “enough” for him. So that our house of cards wouldn’t fall down.

Ladies: you are only “too” for the wrong man.

So the second you begin to feel inferior for being too much to fit into his standards or criteria, start reevaluating. Because while you’re curling your toes, clinching your feet, damaging yourself to fit into shoes two sizes too small…the perfect pair is on display in a store down the street.

Don’t be afraid to return your previous pair, and to go there instead.


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  1. Wow..this isn’t my story but, I was just in that dark place..meditated, listened to healing vibration videos on YouTube, randomly did deep breathing exercises as it seemed I was barely breathing.., soaked in a hot tub of epsom salt as I listened to meditation YouTube videos, surfed the internet for all angles of self help, had no interest in photography anymore, no interest in my animals and I’ve always been an animal lover and couldn’t sleep because it seemed i needed to stay awake to witness when my soul left my body..it really felt like it was going to or that’s the only thing that would help, is if my soul left my body..words, touch, others good vibrations, nothing could save me..but, me..and that’s what scared me the most..two days ago I was sitting in my living room and it’s like I had an epiphany..like, something lightened my heavy brain load and the numbness and not caring about anything started to slowly dissipate..i felt my soul rejuvenating.
    I just want to thank you for pouring out your soul..if everyone knew how powerful their story could be to someone else who feels powerless or just knowing someone out there is going through exactly what you’re going through and there’s proof..in writing..there’s no feigning that kind of deep pain, especially when written in a way that even if you wasn’t going through it, you can grasp the desperation..thank you ..thank you…thank you.

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