It just didn’t fit.

My wedding dress was too small across the back. Across the backside of my rib cage. Sucking in didn’t help. Losing weight wouldn’t help. I am an absolute size 6, but my back was too wide. My frame was too wide. My bones were too big.

Ladies. A lot of us are chasing success in situations in which we just don’t fit.

We keep dropping weight as if squeezing is an option, when it’s the seams that have no give. We keep choosing taller heels to lift us up, so that that dress doesn’t pool on the ground at our feet when the skirt just needs to be hemmed | www.niquenatural.com

Instead of moving around, we allow our living, breathing selves to be HIMMED, squeezing to fit within the confines of HIS thoughts, opinions, and standards when all we actually need is a change of clothes.

There is no shortage of retailers with full racks of clothes that fit you. Sis there is no shortage of men. Just because you can wear it doesn’t mean you should. Just because he’s there doesn’t mean he’s for you. Always be in search of the ensemble that fits you like a glove.

It exists.

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