“Get You Some”

It was always easy for me to fall asleep with white noise in the background.

A constant sound. No unexpected changes in volume or tone. My only complaint was when regularly scheduled programming resumed, abruptly interrupting my constant.

In life, love – or the perception of it – became my white noise.

I sought love in every man I came across, and in whom I saw potentional. I stopped separating lights from dark in the wash – in this metaphor, temporary men from permanent – and the colors mixed and smeared and stained my whites (that is, other areas of my life) and completely ruined other garments altogether.

Ladies – people – what is your white noise?
What are you allowing to numb you, to fill your days with asinine purpose, to distract you from the real-time, live programming that you should be watching? What is providing you mindless comfort? What blanket are you hiding under?

Identify it and banish it.

Numbing yourself to life’s curveballs is like taking an antibiotic – which kills both good AND bad bacteria. In numbing yourself to the pain and difficulty, you are also blocking out your blessings and life’s amazements. Seek out instead the catalyst, the epiphany that drives you to give up your rabbit ears and get Uverse instead. In clarity, there is excitement. Amazement.

Get you some.


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