I don’t believe that timing is everything.
I believe that timelines are everything.

Everyone has a fluid life timeline into which life experiences are recorded, and each experience comes with a processing time. I think that the thing to understand is that experiences are spontaneous but processing time is concrete. So what I’m saying to you is:

You can be the best person for them.
You can be EVERYTHING they ever wanted.
Yall could be soul mates…

But baby, concrete is impenetrable. And if you become the jackhammer that breaks up their processing time, you become a terrorist to their well being. A suicide bomber looking to put an end to their peace of mind. There’s no happily ever after in that.

Although your life’s timeline may not be identical, there are times in which your processing time gives way to downtime that may allow something beautiful to flourish. Depending on how monumental that beautiful thing is, it may just 1. Match the downtime of your chosen human and 2. See you through the next experience.

Sis, your job is to get through your own timeline.
Your job is NOT to match his.
Your job is NOT to rush him through his.
Your job is NOT to slow yours down.

Focus on getting through. Because soul mates are just as fluid as timelines and someone else’s experiences may be readying them for a timeline overlay in which all your tribulations have been properly processed and your downtimes will allow for the love of your life to develop and happen in real time.

Don’t become a slave to your timeline. Especially, don’t become a slave to his. Just trust that someone out you is being just as beat up by life but once those experiences are processed, they will fit perfectly into your timeline and all this bullshit will become ancient history.


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