It just didn't fit. My wedding dress was too small across the back. Across the backside of my rib cage. Sucking in didn't help. Losing weight wouldn't help. I am an absolute size 6, but my back was too wide. My frame was too wide. My bones were too big. Ladies. A lot of us... Continue Reading →



I learned very quickly that people can't stand to see anything that's truly free. As if anything in its unabridged state is a challenge. Whosoever deems themselves worthy of tweaking or changing all in the name of “taming” makes it their life’s work to disrupt wild perfection and to make it fit into whatever compartment... Continue Reading →


I remember my ex fiance telling me that I wasn't giving him time to miss me and warning me that my attempts to be close to him would "run him off". I remember being called clingy for hugging him. I remember being convinced that my requirement that he come home after arguments was ridiculous. I,... Continue Reading →

My First Post

It's all so surreal. There are just moments where I sit back and have no idea what's happening around me. Where I kind of marvel at the way that things spread; how things move seemingly on their own for my benefit or at my expense, and there's nothing that I can do to change it one way or another.

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